Sale of nfshibes NFT Collection on OpenSea

2 min readJan 22, 2022

Hodl nfshibes in your collection.

Who? Why???

Successful projects are often started to solve a problem.

It can be tough to “sit on the sidelines.” Disruptive innovations, such as the blockchain, can have seemingly impossible obstacles to overcome. Creating on top of those innovations comes with high “barriers to entry” and it can be difficult to judge whether opportunities have passed.

When a multi-decade distributed systems engineer was confronted with a major shoulder repair it was obvious being limited to one arm for months would disrupt “normal life.”

No time was more perfect to dive into NFTs!

A team with marketing, programming, blockchain, distributed systems, data science and more was united around the common goal of producing a large collection of digital art NFTs for sale on a global marketplace.

More importantly… sharing exactly how it was accomplished with the growing community!


nfshibes is a collection of ten thousand uniquely crafted NFTs.

The project draws inspiration from concepts pioneered by CryptoPunks.

  • 10k unique Shiba Inu NFTs
  • Website with unique features and continued updates for each NFT
  • Apparel and novelties for each NFT
  • Online proof of original NFT lineage
  • Articles and software on nfshibes creation
  • Marketing campaigns to support nfshibes hodlers


OpenSea was the first choice for listing NFTs having free asset creation using Polygon.

View the Collection!


February 2, 2022


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