1 — How to Make NFTs for Sale on OpenSea

2 min readJan 22, 2022

A multipart walk-through on creating digital art NFT projects with a real world example of the nfshibes collection.

Who is this guide for?

One of the most compelling reasons for NFT art is that the market is accessible to any creator or collector with an internet connection. Everyone will be part of this revolution but early adopters will shape it.

For brevity’s sake, digital art will be divided into two main categories:

  1. Manually created original works (e.g. images saved from Photoshop or Procreate).
  2. Computer generated graphics (e.g. CryptoPunks and nfshibes).

For the first category, “manually created”, there are already many comprehensive guides available online. The OpenSea marketplace provides a detailed article on Creating Free NFTs without having to be an expert on blockchain fees.

The second category, “computer generated graphics”, is the focus for this walk-through. This guide will demonstrate how to create NFT projects that combine digital art with software to generate a large collection of unique NFTs like CryptoPunks or nfshibes.

This guide will have some technical aspects but won’t require writing any software, instead references to free Open Source software will be included that were designed specifically to create the nfshibes NFT collection.

The goal is to empower more creators in the wonderful world of NFTs!

What technical skills are needed?

Ready to participate?

Additional sections and updates for this walk-through will be released as soon as possible then announced on the nfshibes Twitter account. Feel free to follow us there in addition to Medium.